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  1. Sandra
    I called Mike yesterday to tell him about the difficulty getting logged in. He said to type in your user name for getting emails and then type in whatever you want for the password. When it doesn’t accept what you said, click on “forgot your password”? and it will give you a temporary password. At that time you can put your choice of a password in and that’s it. Mike needs to make this easier for people who haven’t a clue. Sally

  2. I received my copy of Leftwich Heritage, Summer edition, and compliment all involved in producing the newsletter. I loved the articles, but especially appreciated the color pictures from the Leftwich Legacy Tour.

    I believe I would like to order a copy of the book “Green Stone, A History of Southern Bedford County, Virginia” by Rachel Bishop. The listing on page 15 says to contact Karyl Warren for pricing. Please tell me how to contact Ms Warren…. Thanks, Judy Mills

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