Augustine Leftwich, Sr.

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Augustine Leftwich, Sr: Birth: ca. 1712-1715 in New Kent County, VA. He was born in what was originally New Kent County but in that part which is now Caroline County. He removed to Lunenberg County in 1751, and settled in that part of the county from which Bedford was formed. The earliest record of Augustine Leftwich, Sr. in Bedford County was a grant to him dated September 26, 1760, "for one certain tract of land, in the Colony of Virginia, containing 212 acres in Bedford, lying on both sides of David’s Creek, a North Creek of Staunton River." (Book 3,

p. 952, Richmond Land Office.) The records of Bedford County indicate that Augustine Leftwich accumulated a great deal of land and was a man of great wealth for his day. Between 1761 and 1795, the date of his death, he bought and conveyed several thousand acres of land, and prior to the date of his will, he had deeded each of his children a large plantation, as well as a number of slaves and other personal property.

Marriage: (1st) wife is unknown; all 12 of Augustine’s children were born to his first wife.

(2nd) marriage: 1779, to Elizabeth Fuqua Stovall, widow of John Stovall. No issue.

Death: 1795 in Bedford Co., VA. His grave was located on Goose Creek in Bedford County several years go, and a memorial marker was placed on the site.

Augustine Leftwich was a Sergeant in the French and Indian Wars in 1758. The records of Bedford County show that he took a prominent part in the political and civic affairs of the county from its formation until his death.



Children of Augustine Leftwich, Sr. :

Colonel William Leftwich, born 1737, died May 31, 1820, married Elizabeth Haynes, daughter of William Haynes.

Colonel Thomas Leftwich, born 1740, died May 3, 1816, married (1st) Mary Challis, December 1, 1764; married (2nd) Bethunia Ellis, April 2, 1771; married (3rd) Jane Stratton, October 27, 1783.

Major Augustine Leftwich, Jr., born September 10, 1744, died intestate; married (1st) Mary Turner, daughter of Richard and Ann Turner, February 12, 1765; married (2nd) Mrs. Sarah Turner (widow of Admire Turner), September 26, 1821.

Captain Uriah Leftwich, born ca. 1748, died 1838; married Nancy Keith.

Captain John Leftwich, born ca. 1750, died February 26, 1797, in Oglethorpe County, GA.

Colonel Littleberry Leftwich, born 1757, died 1823 in Bedford County, VA; married (1st) Frances Hopkins, June 19, 1778; married (2nd) Frances Halley, December 26, 1811.

General Joel Leftwich, born November 22, 1760, died October 20, 1846; married Nancy (or Ann) Turner, December 24, 1781.

General Jabez Leftwich, born 1766, died in Alabama, June 22, 1855; married Delilah Stovall, February 1, 1785.

Frances Leftwich, born ca. 1738; died 1818; married Merry (Merriman) Carter.

Mary Leftwich, born 1746, died 1818, married Joshua Early, Sr.

Nancy Leftwich, date of birth unknown, died subsequent to 1840; married James Peatross.

Rebecca Leftwich, born ca. 1752, died June 7, 1774, at only 22 years old; married Charles Moorman.

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