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General Jabez Leftwich was born on February 21, 1765 in Bedford County, VA. He was a Brigade Major in the War of 1812, and was later promoted to Brigadier General. He married Delilah Stovall on February 21, 1785, and they had a total of nine children. Jabez represented Bedford County in the Virginia House of Delegates from 1801 until 1809. He was elected to the U. S. House of Representatives from 1821 to 1825 (17th and 18th Congresses). In 1827, he moved to Madison county, Alabama. He became a member of the Alabama Legislature, and served in the general assembly in 1836 and 1837. Jabez died near Huntsville on June 22, 1855, and was buried in Maple Hill Cemetery.


Children of Jabez Leftwich:
bullet Augustine Leftwich – Birth: 1785, Bedford County, VA. Marriage: Dec. 1, 1806, Bedford County, to Polly Hackworth. Second Marriage – Jan. 25, 1821, Bedford County, to Hulda Hackworth. Death: Feb. 14, 1844, Pittsylvania County, VA. Burial: Leftwich-Giles Cemetery, Vance, Pittsylvania County.
bullet Anna Leftwich – Birth: 1786, Bedford County, VA. Marriage: to Zachariah Drake. Death: 1803, Williamson County, TN.
bullet Permelia Leftwich – Birth: Oct. 5, 1787, Bedford County, VA. Marriage: March 15, 1804, Bedford County, to George Dixon, Jr. Second Marriage: Dec. 24, 1807, Bedford County, to Andrew Drake. Death: Oct. 19, 1829.
bullet Nancy Leftwich – Birth: 1788, Bedford County, VA. Marriage: July 14, 1808, Bedford County, to William Ownby. Moved after marriage. Death date and burial unknown.
bullet Jackson “Jackey” Leftwich – Birth: 1790, Bedford County, VA. Marriage: Sept. 13, 1808, Bedford County, to Anna Maria Neely Drake. Death: After 1830. Note: In 1830 census Lincoln County, TN, possibly with second wife. Other names ascribed to him were John J. Leftwich
bullet Captain Jabez Leftwich – Birth: 1792, Bedford County, VA. Marriage: July 26, 1811, Bedford County, to Martha Jones Early. Death: 1875, Giles County, VA.
bullet Captain Thomas Leftwich – Birth: 1798, Bedford County, VA. Marriage: Nov. 6, 1822, Bedford County, to Susannah Smith. Served as captain in the Republic of Texas Army. Death: 1847, Matagorda County, TX.
bullet Elizabeth “Betsy” Leftwich – Birth: Sept. 14, 1798, Bedford County, VA. Marriage: June 6, 1815, Bedford County, to Cap. William Drake. Death: Dec. 28, 1878, Russells Valley, Franklin County, AL. Burial: Waco, Franklin County, AL, Drake Cemetery.
bullet Eliza Leftwich – Birth: April 13, 1808, Bedford County, VA. Marriage: Jan. 20, 1829, Madison County, AL, to Cap. Neely Drake. Death: unknown. Note: She and her sister Elizabeth “Betsy” have sometimes been confused because of the similarity of their names and the fact that they married brothers.

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