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Books by Derek Whitfield of England

  • Leftwich of Leftwich, An Account of the Family and the Place, 1994. A comprehensive study of Leftwich English history. 87 pages. Price: $15.00 which includes shipping.
  • Wulfric: Ancestry of the Leftwich Family , 1995. A hypothesis regarding the origins of the Leftwich family not previously considered. Serves as an addendum to the earlier work, Leftwich of Leftwich. 20 pages. Price: $11.50 which includes shipping. (no longer available)
  • The Battle of Shrewsbury the Year 1403, 1998. A companion piece to Leftwich of Leftwich. 14 pages. Price: $5.50 which includes shipping.
  • Ralph Leftwich the Immigrant. A Search Begins, 1999. A thorough research of Cheshire records to establish the link between Ralph Leftwich’s forbears and his American descendants. 18 pages. Price: $5.50 which includes shipping.
  • The Ancient House of Northwich, 2003. An examination of information that possibly an ancient house in Cheshire uncovered in 1953 was that of Ralphe Leftwich of Leftwich Esq. 32 pages. Price: $6.00 which includes shipping.

Other books:

  • Leftwich Family of the Hall and Their Ancestors for Twenty-one Generations by Charles R. McDaniel (2013) hardbound 454 pages – $55.00 includes shipping
  • Leftwich History Collectibles, by Rachel Parsons Flynn Bishop, printed in 1993 and reprinted in2012. Soft back cover, 61 pages – $14.00 – includes shipping
  • Green Stone, A History of Southern Bedford County, Virginia, by Rachel Parsons Flynn Bishop, printed in 1996 and reprinted in 2012. Soft back cover, 311 pages. – $22.00 – includes shipping
  • Leftwich – Turner Families of Virginia and Their Connections by Walter Lee Hopkins (1980)–Hardbound 250 pages – $43.00 – includes shipping
  • Leftwich Pedigree Chart by Robert Leftwich – 10 ½ “ X 36” in color and suitable for framing $15.00 includes shipping



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Leftwich Hall Painting

Members of the LHA recently purchased the original painting of Leftwich Hall by renowned artist Robert Leftwich that he painted in the 1880s.  Reproductions are available (see flyer below).  His description:

The picture I have painted was partly taken from a slight pen and ink sketch in the possession of Mr. Thomas Dean, tenant of Leftwich Hall Farm from 1827 to 1879, and from surveys and sketches I took in 1880, when all that remained of the Hall and castle was the stone covered ground and parts of the moat, one of which was 100 feet by 40 feed and 8 feet deep, another 80 by 80 and not quite so deep.  In the park were some beech trees about fifteen feet circumference in the boles, all that was left of an old avenue.  I showed the Clerk of Northwich Castle Church, which is about two miles from the Hall, the view Imade from the sketch survey and he recognized it with great pleasure, as he had lived there all his life; was an old man.


Leftwich Hall painting flyer for copies