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Editor, Leftwich Heritage

The Leftwich Heritage is the annual publication of the Leftwich Historical Association.  It is a collection of research articles submitted by the membership.  Editor is Howard Thurmon.


  1. Deborah Hurt:
    I recently printed “This Is My Story, Genealogies, Chronologies, Stories and Picture Albums” of my 91 years. It is 134 pages of four color, charts, pedigrees and photographs of my life. It is hard-bound.
    Would the Leftwich Historical Association like to have a copy for their archives? If “yes” please e-mail address.
    Thank you,

    1. Deborah is no longer the Editor of The Leftwich Heritage, but I am serving this position for 2015-2016. Yes, I would appreciate a copy of your book. I would use part of it in the 2016 edition of the journal and place the book in the LHA archives.
      Thank you for your consideration of the LHA.

      Howard Thurmon
      Editor, The Leftwich Heritage
      806 Carpenter Road
      Loveland, OH 45140

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