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Ralph and DNA

Description to come.  Headed by Deborah Hurt


  1. Deb asked me to do the DNA connection which is through I do surnames Johnson and Clark also through FT. Have been “dubbed”, by Dave, and have submitted brief bio and photo for the next LHA newsletter.

    Currently there are only 12 Y DNA participants for our project, and some are outside of Leftwich surname.
    We have 2 groups, 2 different groups by haplogroup.

    Would encourage interested males to take advantage of summer sales through FT and test so we can confirm our origins.
    Sherrie Mitchell Boone
    Roanoke, VA

  2. I hope all have received the recent LHA newsletter. There will be another later this summer that will include some important links (in print) to The upcoming edition answers some of the questions that have been posed, especially about transferring into FT from other companies.

    We have a test ordered for a Thomas/brother of Augustine in the works and hope this will offer new direction. As it is currently, we have no definitive association proved. So I encourage any Male Leftwich to test so we can sort the lines.

    If you need links to FT you can contact me at and I’ll walk you through it. Best, Sherrie

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