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The Leftwich Historical Association was organized on October 10, 1992, in Lynchburg, Virginia, with sixteen charter members.   The Association was established as a non-profit organization devoted to assembling and preserving genealogical and historical information pertaining to the Leftwich family.  The LHA was incorporated in the Commonwealth of Virginia on November 3, 2000.

The LHA  annually publishes The Leftwich Heritage, a newsletter dealing with new genealogical finds and family interests.   An annual family reunion for all members is also sponsored by the Leftwich Historical Association.  For more information about membership please visit the membership page.

The LHA Website – This site has been designed to help members of the Leftwich family access information about the family as well as the Historical Association.  The information and resources available on this website will increase with contributions.  Please feel free to post questions, comments, and suggestions.  Thank you for visiting and your interest in the Leftwich family.

Sandy’s Dandies Southern Cookbook

Longtime LHA member Sandra Shell has made the news with her popular cookbook.  See the details at http://blog.al.com/press-releases/2014/09/sandys_dandies_southern_cookbo_1.html

The cookbook includes 500 recipes in a soft-cover book covering 144 pages that includes a comprehensive index.

Anyone interested in purchasing a copy of “Sandy’s Dandies” can send a check for $18 ($15 plus shipping) to:

Sandra Shell
380 Dopson Point Rd
Tallassee, AL 36078


Old Leftwich Hall

The University of Manchester report from their Survey of Old Leftwich Hall is now available in the Members-only section.

Members of the LHA recently purchased the original canvas Robert Leftwich painting of Old Leftwich Hall that he painted in the 1880s, and are in the process of donating it for preservation.  Professional reproductions from scans are available (at cost – no profit to the LHA) – see the Bookstore link for information.


UK Tour Update

Greetings to Leftwich Cousins and their families

It has been some time between postings regarding the Leftwich Legacy Tour because of many things entering in to get everything together.  So, new things to report:
1) The date of the tour begins June 24 Wednesday after you arrive at the Manchester Airport (air transportation arranged by yourself) transfer bus to Chester
2) 3 nights in Chester which is loaded with things to see, to do, to buy.  One day will be spent in Chester (arrangements in process); one full day in Shrewsbury, to visit the Library where three Leftwich boys were residents in the 1581, the city centre, and the site of the Percy Rebellion in 1403 where Leftwichs were killed who were supporters
3) 4 nights in Northwich, not too far from Chester to see things connected to Leftwich as well as English history, the following as an example: Davenham Parish Church where Leftwich family members worshipped and were buried there; Shipbrook Farm the land having been granted by William the Conqueror in 1066 to Sir Richard de Vernon; the site of the Old Leftwich Hall; the Leftwich Post Office where you can purchase a postcard with the Leftwich postmark; a visit to the Northwich Library to see a painting of Old Leftwich Hall; St. Helen’s Church Witten where the Leftwich family attended, contains a beam carved with the name WILLIAM LEFTWICH and the date 1681 where he served as Warden of the church, Little Moreton Hall which is a similar replica of the Old Leftwich Hall, Winnington Hall which is a Leftwich connection by marriage. And scads more to see as time allows and your strength holds up.
4) July 1, Wednesday, the day of departure.  There will be a transfer bus to the airport. There will be different departure times, so we will try to accommodate everyone.
As to tour specifics, English breakfast and nightly hotel dinners are planned, and there will specially arranged tours at sites of Leftwich interest.
The main thing now is getting the price of the tour set.  Working with two different agencies to get the best price with the best arrangements.  A big advantage is flying in and out of Manchester.  London is a challenge with crowds. So for those of you seriously interested, let me know.  INVITE RELATIVES AND INTERESTED FRIENDS.  The more people the better the price.  Email me at spiffie2@aol.com  Sally Kneiel, your Humble Servant, doing all of this work for “the cause”!
For full information visit the “UK Tour” link

Tour of Leftwich Sites in UK

Additional information added 1 Oct 2014 – Interested in touring historically significant sites of our Leftwich Ancestors in the UK?  Please see the UK Tour 2015 menu for requests for your interest in participating in a tour.  It will be a private tour, so costs and dates will depend on your input.

Winnington Hall

Winnington Hall – Derek says all things ‘Leftwich’ began here

Les Ellison, 1922-2014

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of longtime member Les Ellison

Les Ellison

Davenham Parish Church

Leftwich Cousins,

Message from Leftwich-land concerning the Parish Church for Leftwich (which our ancestors attended). See http://davenhamparish.net/

For those wanting to see the location of the church on Google Maps, here is the location:

For reference, Leftwich Hall marker was located here:


I have attached a picture of the church I took during the LHA tour of Leftwich historical sites in 2000.


—–Original Message—–
From: Derek Whitfield
Sent: Friday, July 11, 2014 12:52 PM
To: Mike
Subject: Davenham Church

Hi Mike. Found this on the St.Wilfreds, Davenham Church web
page. So, they have an incumbent at last ! As its the Parish church
for Leftwich and planning for the next tour over here is in hand I
thought I had better let you know so that you could forward it to the
movers and shakers of the Association. More to see on the web page,
Best wishes. Derek.


A new incumbent has been selected for St. Wilfrid’s,

I have pleasure in confirming the appointment of our new Incumbent, the Reverend Robert George Iveson. His induction will be on Monday 8th September at 7:30pm in Church.

Edward Domville PCC Secretary, on behalf of Dr. Martin Mewies and Philip Baylis – Parish Representatives.

St Wilfrid’s – Davenham

Davenham Church

Interpretation of the Leftwich Shield

There are many interpretations of the meanings of symbols on arms and shields. This is an attempt to decipher the meaning of the design of the Leftwich shield. The most commonly accepted meanings are given, but be aware that scholars question the reliability of placing historic significance on the designs of arms and crests.[1]

The arms of Richard de Winnington, who became the first Leftwich, were adapted from his father’s arms with the addition of the “cross pateé gules” which Richard used for difference.[2]

The Winnington Blazon of Arms (a written description in Heraldic terms):Argent, an inescutchion Sable, within an orle of martlets of the second.[3]

Leftwich Shield

Leftwich Shield

Argent (Silver) field (surface of the shield). Peace and sincerity.

Inescutchion. Small shield in center of pri­mary shield (an escutchion is the outer shield). Claim of a prince to sovereignty; or marriage to an heiress of the family.

Sable (black) Constancy or grief.

Orle is a border that does not touch the edges of the shield.[4]

Martlets (mythical footless swallows who loved flight so much they never landed, therefore they didn’t need legs) are thought to represent the swift. Since the swift never lands this symbol has been used as a sign of a younger son who has no land of his own, therefore no place to rest. It may signify one who has to subsist by virtue and merit, not inheritance. It is also thought that this is an emblem of one who has been on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land.[5]

Of the second refers to the second color in the description (sable) to avoid repetition.

Cross Pateé (or cross formee) designates a military honor.

Gules (red). Warrior or martyr; Military strength and magnanimity.

The shape of the escutchion was determined by time period and geographic region, and was not part of the official blazon.

[1] http://www.fleurdelis.com/meanings.htm

[2] The Leftwich Heritage, Spring 2000, Leftwich Coat of Arms is Adopted by LHA, Lloyd L. Stone, Jr., pp. 8.

[3] J.P. Earwaker, History of Sandbach, pp. 208.

[4] “Heraldry,” Microsoft® Encarta® Encyclopedia 2000.

[5] Stefan Oliver, An Introduction to Heraldry, Quantum Books, pp. 70.

Contributed By Mike Starr, Lloyd Stone, Derek Whitfield